QLD State School P&Cs

Who knew audit is important for your school’s P&C?

0119-qas-pcqld-half-page-portrait-ad-no-bleed-110x160-mmIs your school’s P&C involved in any of these commercial activities?

  • Bookshop
  • Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)
  • Tuckshop
  • Uniform Shop

How closely are you following the operation guidelines for each?

Are you using EFT?

Did you realise that Electronic Funds Transfer (or ‘EFT’) transactions need to be authorised by two signatories?

Cash handling

Do you have guidelines set for use of cash registers?

Did you know?

Under P&C Qld guidelines, two members of the P&C must count money taken?

Are you following the rules when fundraising?

Attention Treasurers!

Are you reconciling the P&C Association’s bank account monthly?

What is needed for an audit?

Your P&C will no doubt be preparing for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the moment. If you need some help with the agenda, AGM process or preparations, check out the Meetings and Membership topic on the P&C Qld info place.

Remember: No audit, no AGM!


QAS are P&C Audit Specialists

Queensland Audit Services (QAS) are experienced P&C audit specialists offering fast, affordable auditing services. Our qualified team can look after your school’s P&C annual audit needs.

We price all our P&C audits upfront and we can service all state schools throughout Queensland. The following levels and ranges are based on an indication of what it would cost, which will be given once we have discussed the specific requirements of your school's P&C audit.

Please note: Travel and/or accommodation costs will be incurred if it is reasonable i.e. auditor required to travel a substantial distance and stay overnight.

Contact us on 1300 880 130 to find out more about organising an audit or to request a quote.