Meet QAS Audit Supervisor Bimal Chand

Posted on 03 Feb, 2018

Meet QAS Audit Supervisor Bimal Chand

Meet QAS Audit Supervisor Bimal Chand

QAS Auditor Supervisor Bimal Chand is an upbeat and constructive auditor who makes it his business to convey the positives in each audit he does.

He believes interpersonal skills are key when you have a career of systematically picking and pointing out detail; you also have to show where the improvements are and that is how QAS’ delivers value.

Whilst the ticking and checking of an audit may seem a ‘necessary evil’ that, according to Bimal, is only part of the process. He has audited everything from state government departments, including stocktaking the Western Australian Parliament to reviewing the finance, human resources and even IT functions of public and private enterprise.

“I check their systems manuals to find any weaknesses according to legislation or their constitution,” says Bimal. “Then I recommend ways to improve processes and fix any inefficiencies so they can operate at optimum level.”

Bimal has an extremely sharp eye for detail and delving into accounting records, procedures and manuals to reconcile against budgets, actuals to find any deviations only summarises how much QAS actually does.

Luckily most audits run smoothly and follow procedure.

“Auditing a legal aid entity was interesting, as part of my review was determining if their call centre was efficiently handling calls as per their procedures manual,” said Bimal. “It was a challenge analysing that level detail and if anything could be found as the data was disparate, such is the life of an auditor – nothing is necessarily where you should expect to find it so you have to go looking.”

After stints working in WA public audit practice and QLD state government, in 2009 Bimal joined QAS in Dalby working with line managers and audit committees in companies required to be audited by their constitutions or ASIC, real estate and solicitors’ trust accounts, clubs, groups, P&Cs as well as self-managed super funds both locally and within Queensland.

“As an auditor, there is any number of audit points you can recommend including those that would enhance the control environment and reduce or mitigate potential fraud risk but, if they don’t make sense as far as the client is concerned, change won’t happen so finding the practical middle ground is a skill.”

Whilst Bimal continually looks at ways in which audit can improve clients year on year, outside of QAS he is a self-confessed gym addict who pines for the fair fishing of Fiji.

“I’m fortunate enough to be able to visit Fiji most years and in between my weekends are spent running back and forth to Toowoomba to visit our son who is studying commerce at USQ,” says Bimal. “Going to the gym helps me to switch off and keeps me strong and focused professionally and personally.”

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