P&C Committee Members - are you ready?

Posted on 15 Jan, 2019

P&C Committee Members - are you ready?

Getting ready for the school year ahead

Another year has ended and another one begins.

For all P&C’s you will be getting accounts prepared and audited, as well as compiling other committee reports, with everyone getting set for your Annual General Meeting (AGM).

With an AGM comes the election of new committee members.

So the question is, how are you handing over the baton to new committee members, particularly the Treasurer, to ensure your P&C not only successfully transitions, but also enjoys a successful year?

What are the plans to transfer knowledge of systems and processes to new members? Hopefully you have a plan but if not, take the time to make a list of essential things the incoming members will need to know.

Those who have read any of our previous articles know how we continually refer to being familiar with the P&C Accounting Manual.

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At a minimum, you need to ensure the new committee takes time to understand what the manual requires all committee members to know, especially the Treasurer, including important things such as updating bank details amongst other procedural changes.

The more successful this happens the more likely you will have a favourable audit outcome, plus a smoother running P&C. It’s a case of “a stitch in time saves nine”.

As you go into the New Year we trust it is a successful one that helps your school be the best it can be.

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